Geometric Low-Profile Solitaire

Geometric Low-Profile Solitaire

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This solitaire is a riff off of my classic Low-Profile solitaire, but built for a slightly larger sparkle (~1ct to 1.5ct). I wanted this ring to be sturdy and capable, but still have a little something-something special going on. I have always LOVED Art Deco design, and feel like the light faceting I carved in makes for a more svelte and sleek design.

The stone is bezel-set nice and low for comfort and functionality. The subtle geometric framing about the ring makes this piece both old-style and yet very modern. 

Please note this ring is priced as the mounting only WITHOUT a stone. I price it this way so you may select your perfect stone, from 1ct-1.5ct (6.5-7.5mm diameter). I am happy to make this ring using a stone you already have (a family diamond, for instance), or I can help you find a stone of your choosing. Please fine more details below in the Customization Options.

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What is included in the price

This listing is for the solitaire mounting ONLY. You get to select the stone that best fits your taste and budget, be it a sparkle-bomb of a diamond, sapphire, emerald, moissanite, etc. Please contact me ( to discuss options. The stone shown is approximately 1ct (6.5mm in diameter), but I can adjust the bezel to accommodate stones of different sizes (to an extent). 

Customization options

  • Stone: You may choose the stone to match your taste and budget. The ring is made to accommodate approximately a 1.5-carat stone (7.5mm diameter), down to 1ct (~6.5mm). If you have a diamond already or a family stone you wish to use, this is absolutely fine.

    All diamonds I purchase are Kimberly Process guaranteed (conflict-free certified) and come with a grading report from GIA. In addition to white diamonds, I can get gorgeous natural champagne or cognac-colored diamonds. I can also get lab-created diamonds (man made in a laboratory rather than dug out of the ground; these are identical in chemical composition to natural diamonds), which are ideal for those squeamish about destructive mining practices. And, last but not least, I have an excellent source for antique stones: Old European and Old Mine cuts, Transitional cuts, etc. These stones are gorgeous and unique (and recycled!), and have a lot of character and life in them. 

    Please contact me ( to discuss options. Stones I provide will be invoiced separately or as a custom listing for you here.

  • Finger size: Please let me know your size via email ( I make these by hand, so between sizes, 1/4 sizes are all fine. Let me know any pertinent fit details in your email.

  • Metal preference: I have this ring priced out for palladium and platinum because I love the icy whiteness of the two metals. However, I can also make this in 14K or 18K, white or yellow gold, or 14K or 18K palladium white gold (if nickel sensitive). Here is a description of all the metal options I work with.


  • Width of band at bottom: 3.4mm

  • Optimal stone size: 6.5-7.5mm

    This ring is hand carved in wax by me in my Portland studio using pointy tools, and then cast using the lost-wax method. I do all finishing work, stone setting, and pearl mounting. Each ring is a highly detailed work of art with great attention to detail at every angle; this ring in particular has a delicious weighty feel.