How to order jewelry from me

Hello! The way I work is a little different from most online shops. Aside from a handful of ready-to-wear pieces available in my shop, I make everything from scratch custom to order to your exact finger size, metal preference, and with the stone of your choice. And of course, I also make fully custom designed & carved pieces as well. Here’s how it all works.


Step 1: Getting Started

Choosing a Shop Design

In order to purchase a piece from my shop, I usually need a few additional pieces of information: Your finger size (recent jewelry shop sizing is best); Your metal of choice (14K, 18K, white/yellow/rose gold, platinum or palladium); and, Your stone of choice (if applicable). Generally, my clients have a few questions for me too; now is a good time to get these answered :)

Invoicing: Once you have made all your choices, I can make a custom listing in my shop with your name on it that has all your specifications listed out; you can complete the purchase whenever you are ready. I usually run 4-6 weeks to complete a piece and I typically send you an email after a couple of weeks with an updated ETA.

Making a Custom Designed & Carved Piece

This process is a little more involved, but first, send me an email me with your idea & questions. I can give you at least a ballpark quote if I know a few details like overall design idea, size or width of ring, stones?, metal preference, finger size (or estimate). Your ideas can be as involved as detailed sketches you have already made or a very general idea like “I want you to make me something! I like roses!” and we’ll go from there.

Once I have a good idea of what you are looking for and my ballpark quote works for you, I can begin sketching designs. I sketch, email pics, and we can go back and forth until the design is just right. If there are stones involved in your design, I source these & get final quotes for you.

Invoicing: With an approved quote, design, and stones located, I make a custom listing for a deposit (1/2 total generally) to begin work. I order the stones (if needed), and then I begin carving from literally a block of wax.

Step 2: Carving Process & Casting

Shop Design:

Unless there were significant modifications to my original design (for which I will send you wax photos to approve before casting), things move ahead and require little to no input from you while I’m making the piece. If you would like, I can take a few in-progress pics. I’m always happy to do this so feel free to request these!

Custom Designed & Carved Piece:

Once I have the model carved, I take a ton of photos and send these to you via email. Any alterations that need to be made can be made to the wax before casting. If you need additional angles, etc., just let me know.

If everything is perfect, the next step is casting. I generally go over the piece once (or a few!) more times to be sure everything is perfect and it is off to cast.

Casting: Wax models transform into gold or platinum! It’s awesome!

Step 3: Finishing & Final Invoicing

Shop Design:

Your piece, now in gold or platinum, is finished up. I file/sand/polish/solder/patina/set stones as needed. Once finished, I snap a few glamour shots to send you, and we’re good to go!

Custom Designed & Carved Piece:

Like the shop design above, Your piece is now in the finishing stage: I file/sand/polish/solder/patina/set stones as needed.

Once finished, I snap a bunch of glamour shots to send you.

Final Invoicing:

I make a custom listing of the balance for you in the shop. As before, no rush from my end. I’ll ship your piece out as soon as the balance is taken care of. I ship USPS Priority or Priority Express, fully insured.