finished8.jpg finished6.jpg

Romantic High Profile Leafy Solitaire Mounting

from 970.00
Blooming Rose Solitaire lg_diamond_blooming_rose1.jpg

Blooming Rose Solitaire

from 995.00
Scattered Ginkgo and Diamond Wedding Band finished6.jpg

Scattered Ginkgo and Diamond Wedding Band

from 1,950.00
Epic Snake Cocktail Ring snake_opal_diamond2.jpg

Epic Snake Cocktail Ring

from 1,645.00
Peacock Ring peacock_ring3.jpg

Peacock Ring

from 1,225.00
Low-Profile Solitaire (1ct) stack5.jpg

Low-Profile Solitaire (1ct)

from 795.00
Classic Bezel Solitaire (1ct) 1ct_2.jpg

Classic Bezel Solitaire (1ct)

from 795.00
Rococo Pearl Cocktail Ring finished1.jpg

Rococo Pearl Cocktail Ring

from 1,095.00
Victorian Solitaire + Wedding Band V_sol_band3.jpg

Victorian Solitaire + Wedding Band

from 650.00
Coiled Snake Solitaire 1.jpg

Coiled Snake Solitaire

from 1,110.00
Thorny Eternity Band thorny2_lg.jpg

Thorny Eternity Band

from 945.00
Rosy Eternity Band rosy_eternity_white.jpg

Rosy Eternity Band

from 1,115.00
Poppy Eternity Band eternity_band2_lg.jpg

Poppy Eternity Band

from 1,695.00
Geometric Low-Profile Solitaire finished1.jpg

Geometric Low-Profile Solitaire

from 930.00
Sea Tendril Pearl Solitaire 1000_5.jpg

Sea Tendril Pearl Solitaire

from 895.00
Leafy Pearl Solitaire pearl_leaf-motif2.jpg

Leafy Pearl Solitaire

from 825.00
Peony Solitaire peony1.jpg

Peony Solitaire

from 1,025.00
Narrow Rose Band finished1.jpg

Narrow Rose Band

from 825.00
Ginkgo Wedding Band updated4.jpg

Ginkgo Wedding Band

from 825.00
Squid Ring squid2_2_750.jpg

Squid Ring

from 1,210.00
Narrow Squid Ring squid3.jpg

Narrow Squid Ring

from 925.00
Arabesque Split Band split_ring750_5.jpg

Arabesque Split Band

from 895.00
Ridged Band white_ridged_bands_etsy1.jpg

Ridged Band

from 820.00
Peacock Feather Pendant peacock_pnd5_1000.jpg

Peacock Feather Pendant

from 1,195.00
Baroque Pearl Peacock Pendant ooak_baroque_peacock_pnd6.jpg

Baroque Pearl Peacock Pendant

Budding Tahitian Pearl Pendant pistachio_prl3.jpg

Budding Tahitian Pearl Pendant

Ouroboros Pendant 18K_ouroboros_nck2.jpg

Ouroboros Pendant

from 795.00
Tahitian Pearl Tulip Pendant tulip_cup_TPrl4.jpg

Tahitian Pearl Tulip Pendant

Curling Snake Pendant twisted_snake3.jpg

Curling Snake Pendant

Deco Pearl Drop Pendant PND_Pd_deco_prl2.jpg

Deco Pearl Drop Pendant