Sea Tendril Pearl Solitaire

Sea Tendril Pearl Solitaire

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I’m a sucker for cool pearl rings. This one I carved with delicate twisting seaweed tendrils curling up to hold a solitaire pearl. Little curling details are carved all the way around the band. The pearl shown here is a juicy Tahitian beauty with lovely peacock green and magenta overtones.

Please note that this listing price is for the pearl mounting ONLY. It does not include the pearl: this is something you get to choose to match your taste and budget. Please see the Customization section below for your options.

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What is included in the price

The price listed is for the ring mounting only. It does NOT include the pearl; this is something you get to select to fit your taste and budget. Please see below for pearl details, and you can contact me at to discuss options. For reference, the pearl shown in the listing images is an 11mm Tahitian black pearl. It has a lightly “button-ish” shape to it (slightly flattened rather than perfectly spherical). Ideally something around 11 works best for this ring, but I have a little wiggle room +/- 1mm in size. If you have a pearl already you would like to use, I will do my best to accommodate.

Customization options

  • Pearl: I have a collection of pearls ranging from creamy white South Sea lovelies in the 10-11mm range, to striking Tahitian silver and black pearls with magenta and peacock overtones, and I have a wonderful assortment of pearls from the Sea of Cortez, from the "rainbow lipped" oyster. The Cortez pearls are generally lighter in tone from the classic Tahitians, and have really incredible rainbow overtones: blues, purples, greens, pinks, golds. Send me a note with what you are interested in and I can send you photos and prices. I have pearls ranging in price from around $60 to $400ish.

  • Finger size: Please let me know your size via email ( I make these by hand, so between sizes, 1/4 sizes are all fine. Let me know any pertinent fit details in your email.

  • Metal preference: 14K or 18K, white, yellow, or rose gold (rose gold available in 14K only); 14K or 18K palladium white gold (if nickel sensitive). Here is a description of all the metal options I work with. Don’t worry if you don’t see your metal priced out here in my listing; send me an email and I’ll get you a quote.

This ring is carved in wax by me in my Portland studio using pointy tools, and then cast using the lost-wax method. I do all finishing work, stone setting, and pearl mounting. Each ring is a highly detailed work of art with great attention to detail at every angle.