Squid Ring

Squid Ring

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"Got a whale of a tale to tell you, lads. 
A whale of a tale or two. 
'Bout the flapping fish and the girls I've loved,
On nights like this with the moon above.
A whale of a tale and it's all true--
I swear by my tattoo."

My brother and I had a VCR copy of '20,000 Leagues Under the Sea' when we were kids and we watched it countless times. I always thought the Nautilus was supercool, but the giant squid needed work (granted, the movie was made in the 50s). I put a little of my idealized undersea monster in this design but softened the edges up with a little art-nouveau styling. I've been looking at a lot of Japanese woodcuts lately as well, and I feel like some of this also seeped into the design.

This ring is a highly detailed piece with the squid and water/wave design flowing all the way around the ring, leaving no particular part "up." It is a nice 8mm in width, over 2mm thick, and has a delicious weighty feel.

** If you have never heard the above song, get thee promptly HERE for a quick listen!

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  • Finger size: Please let me know your size via email (cheyenneweil@gmail.com). I make these by hand, so between sizes, 1/4 sizes are all fine. Let me know any pertinent fit details in your email.

  • Metal preference: 14K or 18K, white, yellow, or rose gold (rose gold available in 14K only); 14K or 18K palladium white gold (if nickel sensitive). Here is a description of all the metal options I work with. Don’t worry if you don’t see your metal priced out here in my listing; send me an email and I’ll get you a quote.


  • Width of band: 8mm

  • Thickness of band: 2.25mm

    This ring is hand carved in wax by me in my Portland studio using pointy tools, and then cast using the lost-wax method. I do all finishing work, stone setting, and pearl mounting. Each ring is a highly detailed work of art with great attention to detail at every angle; this ring in particular has a delicious weighty feel.