finished8.jpg finished6.jpg

Romantic High Profile Leafy Solitaire Mounting

from 970.00
Blooming Rose Solitaire lg_diamond_blooming_rose1.jpg

Blooming Rose Solitaire

from 995.00
Scattered Ginkgo and Diamond Wedding Band finished6.jpg

Scattered Ginkgo and Diamond Wedding Band

from 1,950.00
Low-Profile Solitaire (1ct) stack5.jpg

Low-Profile Solitaire (1ct)

from 795.00
Classic Bezel Solitaire (1ct) 1ct_2.jpg

Classic Bezel Solitaire (1ct)

from 795.00
Rococo Pearl Cocktail Ring finished1.jpg

Rococo Pearl Cocktail Ring

from 1,095.00
Victorian Solitaire + Wedding Band V_sol_band3.jpg

Victorian Solitaire + Wedding Band

from 650.00
Coiled Snake Solitaire 1.jpg

Coiled Snake Solitaire

from 1,110.00
Geometric Low-Profile Solitaire finished1.jpg

Geometric Low-Profile Solitaire

from 930.00
Sea Tendril Pearl Solitaire 1000_5.jpg

Sea Tendril Pearl Solitaire

from 895.00
Leafy Pearl Solitaire pearl_leaf-motif2.jpg

Leafy Pearl Solitaire

from 825.00
Peony Solitaire peony1.jpg

Peony Solitaire

from 1,025.00